To anyone who wants to make films, make images, make music….etc
there’s a moment when you realise you can watch 100 tutorials but…
tutorials don’t teach taste
tutorials teach technique
taste is what you bring to the table
other words for taste includes:
voice, style, approach, vision, ear.

also sidebar
Be careful who you show what in the creating stage.
Some people shoot down stuff that ain’t fully formed
but praise it when its formed
this isn’t an insult to them.
You have to understand they’re not in your head.
have different people to show stuff at different stages when making
oh and and and last one
how you find your taste is in a number of ways.

In Life
the things you hear
the things you see
the things you feel
the things you go through
the things other people go through

In Art
the things you watch
the things you listen to
the things you keep noticing
the things you keep liking
the dots you keep connecting
(there are more i haven’t listed)

and importantly
the things you hate
very important

Taste & Technique, Bafic - 2016